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Iberia select DocuNet to support aviation document management challenge

Spanish flag carrier, Iberia, operates a fleet of 76 aeroplanes across 124 locations. It is part of the IAG organisation and has scheduled flights to over 109 destinations in 39 countries, and a further 90 destinations through code-sharing agreements with other airlines.

Iberia was using a third-party tool to manage its airline documentation for both A3N and A330 fleets. This system required a large in-house publishing team which had the responsibility for managing, publishing and distributing all of Iberia’s operational and aircraft manuals. A distinct complication, as they operate a mixed fleet, meant they were struggling to keep up to date with the latest Airbus revisions which resulted in recurring inconsistencies and format differences.

It was clear Iberia needed a different solution and one capable of delivering its operational library and all mission-critical content across its entire Airbus fleet. Vistair was selected to provide this service.

Providing a full-service document management solution

Providing a solution that satisfied consistency and update requirements were but two aspects of a system developed to yield savings in both time and administration. Vistair’s DocuNet has been developed with user interface and content control in mind and is a proven solution for the management, publication and delivery of operational and flight documents.

Iberia has taken onboard Vistair’s DocuNet enterprise solution because it is packed with innovative features, such as multi-platform delivery, which eliminated confusion, increased consistency and allows operators to be compliant at all times.

In addition, DocuNet’s InterAct makes it easier for Iberia’s technical authors to easily specify and define content changes, whilst version control and synchronised annotations across all platforms ensures changes are not lost and more easily tracked. From a regulatory perspective this gives confidence that changes can be identified and implemented swiftly. 

Iberia’s Director of Operations, Pedro Gomez sums up why DocuNet was chosen: “We needed a reliable and comprehensive document management system that would significantly reduce staff time spent processing and monitoring document versions.

Managing manuals across the Iberia fleet needed to be simple and transparent. We wanted a solution that would facilitate this and provide a real-time view of the status of the manual suite.

Improving consistency, costs and control

Iberia’s implementation of DocuNet will result in improvements in efficiency, cost effectiveness, and control; and of importance will ensure that both operational and aircraft manuals include all of the information required to support organisational and safety improvements.

Pedro Gómez adds: “We really appreciate the working relationship that has been built between our main operators and Vistair. The seamless process has instilled great confidence and we envisage a major improvement with the management of Iberia manuals going forward.

Image used with permission from: Colin Parker

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Efficiency, Safety, Compliance

Instant updates to all manuals and documents across all data formats

The status of all documents can be tracked from one dashboard

Core business team free to concentrate on running the business

Future proof – new features and functionality updates constantly added based on user feedback


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