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SafetyNet - Aviation Safety

Integrated Safety, Risk and Assurance

Leading Aviation and Defence organisations use SafetyNet

Delta  Airlines
MOD Ministry of Defence
Scandinavian Airlines
Aer Lingus


Modern SMS technology for Safety, Audit & Risk Management

Focused on Simplicity and Speed to Insight for Safer Skies

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SafetyNet is a world-leading safety management suite which leverages sophisticated mobility with a simple, intuitive user experience to drive pro-active safety reporting.

It provides a unified approach to safety and managing risk whilst enabling real time analysis and insights.

A single, scalable platform to automate and streamline SMS processes and enable data-driven operational insight, SafetyNet is used by leading airlines, aerospace, defence and regulatory organisations worldwide.




Impacting the Industry

Many operators have developed systems over time that are over-complicated, fragmented and inefficient. It can often lead to a reactive safety culture that simply isn’t good enough. SafetyNet delivers a new, intuitive and integrated safety management suite that sets new standards in proactive safety management.

The Benefits

of using our Technology

A Single Enterprise-wide Platform

SafetyNet makes safety simple. It’s an intuitive and configurable solution that provides seamless integration between Safety, Audit and Quality Management processes on a single platform. SafetyNet is a step-change in safety management.

A Proactive Safety Culture

SafetyNet provides transformative reporting and investigative tools. Its intuitive design is simple to use, reducing training time, and its superior data collection provides Safety Managers with predictive intelligence to identify trends and prevent future incidents.

Actionable Intelligence

SafetyNet allows managers to collect, manage, harness and extract actionable data quickly and easily. Its dynamic dashboards allow rapid informed decision, enabling problems, accidents and incidents to be anticipated and managed proactively.

Why Vistair?

We help many of the world’s leading aviation organisations to deliver

True Partnership

Collaborating with your key stakeholders to deliver industry thought leadership, drive ongoing innovation, and support your strategic ambitions.

Service Excellence

Trusted reputation for a prompt, professional and proactive approach, underpinned by military-grade infrastructure ensuring reliability, integrity and security of your data.

Data and Technical Expertise

Deep technical expertise in managing complex datasets to simplify operations, enhance user experience and provide powerful operational insight within an aviation and defence context.

Case Studies

Delta Case Study

Delta Airlines

Delivering Aviation Safety Management System Software Solutions to Delta Air Lines

easyjet - Case Study


easyJet saw a massive 60%+ increase in incident reporting within a short time of implementing SafetyNet

Aer Lingus - Case Study

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus selects Vistair and has been using its industry leading SafetyNet® solution

Our Solutions

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