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Loganair  - Scotland's Airline

Challenges Impacting the Industry

Maintenance is in a time of transition. OEM dynamics, the battle for talented employees, heightened quality and reliability requirements, capacity challenges and information technology are trends that are shaping the MRO landscape. All the while, the pressure to get increasingly complex aircraft back in service quickly, safely and cost-effectively and to free up capacity continues.

Benefits of using our Technology


Maximise the efficiency and use of the right manuals, information and resources at all times with modern mobile devices.


Always know that the information you’re using is correct and that all users have the right data from the very start.


Deliver improved services and reduced aircraft turnaround time quickly with fewer people and the leanest possible operations.

Why Vistair?

We help many of the world’s leading aviation organisations to deliver

True Partnership

Collaborating with your key stakeholders to deliver industry thought leadership, drive ongoing innovation, and support your strategic ambitions.

Service Excellence

Trusted reputation for a prompt, professional and proactive approach, underpinned by military-grade infrastructure ensuring reliability, integrity and security of your data.

Data and Technical Expertise

Deep technical expertise in managing complex datasets to simplify operations, enhance user experience and provide powerful operational insight within an aviation and defence context.

Case Study


Vistair expands its relationship with the Australian flag carrier to provide a document management service that support both flight operations and engineering.

Qantas MRO

Our Solutions

Our technology leads the way in the digital transformation of aviation safety, operational efficiency, compliance, and data analytics. Removing complexity, reducing cost and empowering teams to make data-informed decisions.

The most complete and trusted Aviation Document Management System

Integrated and Configurable Safety, Risk and Assurance Platform


Data-driven, Actionable Insights to Transform Operations

Images: Envato and Kayne Gulliver