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Frontier Airlines

How Frontier Airlines uses DocuNet to digitise
and optimise Flight Operations

Frontier Airlines' Technical Standards Pilot Joshua Lee speaks to the excellent partnership between Frontier and Vistair and how Frontier leverages the Docunet product to digitise and optimise Flight Operations.

Connecting Frontier Airlines' crew with the right information at the right time, for truly connected, digital first flight operations.

Frontier Airlines uses Vistair's DocuNet  to digitally transform the editing, publishing and distribution of manuals and forms with a robust centralised platform for operational and manufacturer manuals, leveraging the benefits of XML data, increasing compliance, and providing sophisticated mobility.

DocuNet digitises, simplifies and structures data into a single, powerful, all-inclusive and universally accessible platform that provides a streamlined and consistent source of all critical data, content and documentation. This provides a powerful and cohesive ecosystem for users and viewers within Frontier to interact with critical information, quickly and seamlessly, with within a highly intuitive, modern mobile interface.  

At a time when uber-lean but ultra-productive teams can make all the difference, it provides a powerful advantage to Frontier, delivering the right information to the right people all the time.  


Image used with permission from: Frontier Airlines

"We feel like part of the (Vistair) Team"

"A Distribution System that is really easy to use in the back end"

Joshua Lee
Technical Standards Pilot
Frontier Airlines

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