World Class Aviation Management Software

Vistair's pioneering software delivers improved quality, safety and document management for commercial airlines, aerospace and defence

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World Class Aviation Management Software

Vistair's pioneering software delivers improved quality, safety and document management for commercial airlines, aerospace and defence.

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Emirates Airlines
BA British airways
DHL Aviation
MOD UK Ministry of Defence
SAS - Scandinavian Airlines
Norwegian Airlines
Aer Lingus
Iberia Airlines
Viva Aerobus
Saudia Airlines
Air Arabia Airlines
TUI Airways
Air Asia Airlines
Frontier Airlines
Transavia France Airways

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Document Management Software Safety Management Software Quality Management Software

Document Management Software


Learn more about how DocuNet can help your airline with your document management requirements. Request a demo with our experts.

DocuNet Benefits

Accountable Manager
The DocuNet software not only helps to provide management with oversight into documents with audit trail and user monitoring capability but also fully supports regulatory compliance. Additionally, the managed service element can help further initiate cost savings over time for airlines.
Publishing Team
Publishing teams can benefit from a sophisticated platform that offers ease of use when amending and distributing documents. and a dashboard to display the status of manual changes at any one time - meaning tracking document versions are always visible and provide control over versions. Additionally, with its user group permissions, DocuNet offers robust security to ensure only the right people can have access to the documents they need.
Subject Matter Experts
DocuNet offers Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) the ability to improve the efficiency of their role through functionality including OEM comparison, editing content on-the-go as well as ensuring any annotations on manuals are saved during any revision-cycle. Additionally, the compliance matrix innovation will help further support EASA and IOSA audits.
Flight Crew
Flight crew can benefit through using DocuNet’s intuitive user interface of the viewer, which is available both online and offline. Additionally, flight crew will have the means of hyperlinking and filtering within manuals, meaning information can be found with true ease during things like pre-flight checks.

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Crew notice and Bulletin Management Software


Learn more about how CrewNet can dramatically improve communication management across the organisation. Request a demo with our experts.

CrewNet Benefits

Accountable Manager
Notices and bulletins can be easily created and distributed out to all relevant employees. These can then be tracked and managed through a “read and receipt” functionality that makes it easy for managers to see whether important information has been read and and signed for.
Crew Members
Individual crew members can be alerted to read mandatory notices and bulletins and can include attachments where required, in any format including video, images, voice or hyperlink.


Safety Management Software


Learn more about how SafetyNet can help your airline with your safety, risk and reporting requirements. Request a demo with our experts.

SafetyNet Benefits

Safety Manager
The SafetyNet software not only helps to provide an intelligent reporting and safety management, but serves as a support for an airline’s implemented safety management system (SMS) which is in line with ICAO Annex 19’s principles.
SafetyNet offers auditors full visibility of all reports and incidents at various stages of progress as well as the ability to automatically collate and manage reports for investigators.
Flight Crew
Flight crew and other employees have direct and immediate access for submission of safety reports via both web and mobile devices as well as full confidentiality in submitting incident reports.

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Aviation Risk Management Software


Learn more about how RiskNet provides airlines with advanced hazard identification and investigative capabilities. Request a demo with our experts.

RiskNet Benefits

Safety Manager
RiskNet provides a clean and elegant workflow where risk scores are recorded in a single place - meaning all risk scores are clearly visible. Ultimately, risk is able to be managed across all levels in the organisation.
Risk management can be improved through fully auditable approach to risk managerment, where unmanaged risks are able to be protected.

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Quality Management Software


Learn more about QualityNet’s capability to manage audit schedules, checklists and non-compliances through its intuitive interface. Request a demo with our experts.

QualityNet Benefits

Quality Manager
QualityNet provides the ability to integrate regulations into the system and allows for the rapid creation of checklists that can be managed with ease. Additionally, the Vistair Intelligence tool provides dashboard and management reporting integration.
Workflow management is able to allocate specific audits to either single auditors or teams of auditors. Audits can then be carried out via the web or tablet devices.

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The Vistair Team will be showcasing our suite of Aviation Document, Safety and Quality management technology solutions at a number of events and webinars this year.


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IATA Safety Conference is back with a new name and exclusive focus on our industry’s highest priority: Safety. The Successor to IATA’s Safety & Flight Operations conference.

Under the title, “Emerging Stronger – Safely Transforming to a More Resilient Tomorrow” the 2022 IATA Safety Conference is a forum to discuss and debate the industry’s safety and security agenda as the industry rebuilds operations and moves into full recovery and growth mode.

This event brings together key leaders in the aviation industry for three days of networking, intensive discussions, and plenary sessions.

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