Vistair’s latest client survey for its DocuNet document management service has highlighted extremely high levels of customer satisfaction across the board.

Clients, including some of the world’s largest airlines, were quizzed on a range of topics about Vistair’s services, from communications and responsiveness to overall quality.

Across the board the vast majority of respondents were positive with the service they received with delivery times (94 per cent), communication (92 per cent) and quality summary (92 per cent) the highest-scoring aspects.

The next parts of the survey, for “quality product” and “time scales”, scored 86 per cent and 85 per cent positive responses respectively.

Ian Herbert, Vistair’s managing director, said: “These results shows we’re delivering an excellent and valued service to our airline clients. These are great results but we cannot rest on our laurals.

“However, we’re far from complacent and will look at the survey responses in detail to see where we can improve further and add even more value into what we do.”

As an example of adding value Ian Herbert pointed to the newly increased hours for the DocuNet team, enabling clients to access the service and have amendments and updates made to their flight ops manuals six days a week instead of five.

“Our reputation is built on delivering excellence across our services and creating efficiencies through innovation,” Ian continued.

“These results have set the bar extremely high, however we will focus on the areas where improvements can be made and strive to surpass them next time.”