British Airways will use Vistair’s leading document management DocuNet application when it rolls out 3,600 iPads to pilots as part of its investment aimed at improving customer service and boosting operational efficiency.

This follows the airline’s introduction of iPads across its cabin crew and ground operations teams as part of a £5bn investment in new products and technology to provide the best possible flying experience for British Airways’ customers.

The airline has been using Vistair’s market-leading, airline-specific, software since 2005, utilising the company’s electronic flight operations manuals for its entire fleet.

It will now use Vistair’s electronic manuals iPad application to provide pilots with access to up to date manuals in a more user friendly format.

As part of their operational upgrade British Airways is also enabling pilots to use historic and current data, supplied by the customer, to provide an even more personalised service during the flight.

Janice Barr, British Airways’ Operational Data Manager, said: “For eight years now Vistair has provided British Airways with an electronic manuals solution giving rapid and efficient access to flight operations documents across the entire fleet.

“As part of our investment in new technology targeted at boosting safety, operational effectiveness and enhancing the customer experience it was a natural extension to use Vistair’s advanced mobile application for the roll out of iPads to our pilots.”

Vistair CEO and founder Ian Herbert said: “British Airways was one of the earliest adopters of our cloud-based e-manuals service, delivering a leading edge technical publications operation across its fleet, so we’re delighted they have also become one of the first to use our iPad app.

“British Airways is renowned for its visionary and innovative approach to the use of technology and we are extremely proud to partner the airline as it pushes forward with its ambitious plans to be ever more operationally efficient and customer-focused.”