Global freight specialist, DHL, has a presence in over 220 countries and territories across the globe. In 2002, the company set up an airline in the UK for freight, building its own hub and terminal in the East Midlands before purchasing 22 ex-BA Boeing 757s and appointing a team of aviation experts to oversee the project. DHL now operates more than 15,000 flights every week.

The director of flight operations decided it would be far more efficient and cost effective to outsource document management rather than set up an in-house team and system.

After extensive market research, Vistair was appointed to take over the management, publication and delivery of DHL’s flight documents, freeing the rest of the team to concentrate on running their core business operations.

More than a decade later, DHL is still utilising Vistair’s DocuNetTM solution to keep its flight ops manuals up to date in web-based formats as well as hard-copy.

DocuNetTM is the aviation industry’s leading digital document management and publishing solution, currently used by more than 40 global airlines with more than 2,000 manuals currently under management.

All Vistair’s customers have a fully hyperlinked and indexed library of manuals delivered to all required platforms, instantly accessible online and via EFB and mobile apps.

By delivering a total e-documents management solution Vistair has become DHL’s “virtual” technical publications department, routinely delivering updates around the clock.