Safety and Compliance Management SafetyNet®

What is SafetyNet®?

The aviation safety reporting system and investigation solution that drives real change in the management and investigation of aviation safety related occurrences. SafetyNet is currently deployed by the world’s largest airline and counts the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force among its global user base.

This Aviation Safety Reporting System has confidentiality, transparency and feedback at its core the foundations for building a Just Culture.

How it works

  • Immediate direct access for submission of safety reports via web and mobile device
  • Consistent format reporting creates a common classification and dataset for clear investigation and analysis
  • Automatically collates and manages reports for individuals or teams of investigators
  • Confidentiality for all reporters, and reporters can track the progress of their incident
  • SafetyNet® provides full visibility of all reports and incidents at various stages of progress
  • Full recommendations workflow process
  • Extensive investigation capability