Audio Visual Airfield Briefings

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What is Audio Visual Airfield Briefings?

More than 40 global airlines have signed up to Airfield Briefings, an invaluable audio visual tool which briefs pilots on any special features, terrain, minimum safe altitudes and conditions relating to more than 100 challenging airfields.

Users are able to include briefings on the airports to which they operate, which then become available to subscribers, providing essential information to the flying community.

How it Works

  • Web based delivery
  • Easily integrated into your existing crew’s intranet
  • A detailed comprehensive and auditable user activity log
  • Compliant with regulatory route briefing requirements for route and aerodrome competence
  • Can be integrated with the DocuNet™ mobile app for offline viewing


  • Provides safety information to the flying community
  • A web-based resource for efficiency of delivery and ease of access
  • User friendly and simple to use

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