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What is AirSafetyCentral?

The ultimate in safety culture, AirSafetyCentral™ combines powerful social media principles with groundbreaking SafetyNet® methodology, allowing Safety Managers to post completed, but anonymous, safety investigations to their flying community.  Crew can review data and comment on any aspect of an incident, sharing best practice through a corporate social network. 

With the ability to join groups of similar operators, safety data can be shared to a broader membership, and trend analysis drawn from a far wider audience, taking safety culture to the next level.

How it Works

  • Web based corporate social network
  • Crew can review data and comment
  • Safety Managers choose to post directly onto their corporate network or link to broader membership


  • Safety Managers share anonymous safety investigations with their flying community
  • Best practice is shared through a corporate network
  • Ability to share best practice and review trend analysis across the aviation industry
  • Develop a cohesive safety culture across the entire organization
  • Easy to use, requires minimal training

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