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Vistair Headquarters, Bristol, United Kingdom

Vistair Client Product Forum 2018

21 Jun 2018
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Vistair has scheduled the first of our Client Product Forum Days.

Taking place on Thursday 28th June (QualityNet) and Thursday 21st June (SafetyNet) this provides an opportunity for existing clients to meet with their peers to discuss safety and quality delivery issues that affect their organisations.

In contrast to the recent Knowledge Days where Vistair Product Owners discussed particular product development changes the objective of the Forum Days is to provide clients with an active workshop to discuss items of regulation and sector change that may impact their safety and quality management delivery. 

Client Driven Agenda

The agenda of the Forum Days are driven by attendees.

Upon registration, clients are asked to submit areas of interest they would like the group to discuss. This will provide all attendees with the perfect opportunity to hear perspectives from our other partner airline representatives.

Prior to the day all attendees will be provided with a list of the items tabled so that there is some time to deliberate prior to the session.

Taking place at our Bristol HQ, the QualityNet Forum Day will take place on the 28th June and the SafetyNet Forum Day on the 21st June, both days commencing at around 10am with departure scheduled for around 3pm.

Register Early

These are both client only events as the conversation will support existing Vistair product users.

Registration for SafetyNet clients can be found HERE.

Registration for QualityNet clients can be found HERE.

For more information contact either Matt Gough (QualityNet) or Aron Williams (SafetyNet) directly or via for more information.