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Vistair Knowledge Days – A New Collaboration

12 Oct 2017
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Overview: A New Approach

Over the years Vistair has always tried to find a way of bringing clients together so that there was an opportunity to meet others in the industry navigating the same documentation and safety management issues.

In previous years we set up the annual User Group format but as our business and client base has grown we’ve understood that the original forum needed to evolve in order to provide both greater intimacy and also increased focus upon the specific product–service our clients are using, and how to get the best out of it.

A New Home

With this in mind and with the last bit of paint drying in our new offices we have decided to host Vistair Knowledge Days for our clients at our home in Bristol. The first ones will take place in October and November this year. They are open to current clients only as the focus will be on our current and future product developments.

Limited Places

Places will be limited to a maximum of 15 attendees per event as the intention is to ensure that our guests obtain the maximum amount of benefit from the days.

In addition each day will be product specific to maintain the discussion focus.

The product-specific events will take place on the following days:

  • October 12th     –  DocuNet Day (4 spaces left)
  • October 19th     –  SMS Day (QualityNet Day)
  • November 9th   –  DocuNet Day
  • November 16th –  SMS Day (SafetyNet Day)

Event Format

All days will be hosted in our Bristol offices with a welcome dinner held the evening before.

A room will be reserved for you at a Bristol hotel* and transport arranged to/from our offices. Hotel details will be forwarded once a place has been confirmed.

The DocuNet Day Agenda can be found here PDF Agenda

The SafetyNet Day Agenda can be found here PDF Agenda

The QualityNet Day Agenda can be found here PDF Agenda

*Vistair will pay for two rooms per airline per event. Each room will be a B&B arrangement and if additional nights are required this will be the responsibility of each guest.

Greater Value

We believe the new format will be both more productive and of more value to attendees. It will allow each of our guests more time to interact with other Vistair product users and additionally will provide you the opportunity to talk to many more members of the Vistair team.

Please register your interest to attend an event by completing details on the next page. Click Here to Register