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7 Dec 2015
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Far from being simply a “trade fair” situation we purposefully made it an event where people who in their day to day dealings are in fierce competition could come together and share best practice, especially in the field of safety.

Technology, and the way we all use it, is changing daily and these events are of course a great way to showcase how here at Vistair we are at the forefront of these innovations, helping airlines not only to utilise the latest software, but to change fundamentally the way they think about how their operations can run better, more efficiently and ultimately more safely.

We were delighted with the turnout, which reflected how our client base has evolved globally, with representatives from airlines based in mainland Europe, North America and the Middle East all joining us to find out what’s in store from Vistair for 2016.

In fact we’d go as far as to say it was the best client event we’ve ever held.

What’s always striking about these events is that, despite the commercial airline industry being such a competitive business, there is always a real sense of camaraderie and shared purpose, especially around safety.

That’s not by accident, it’s the way we want them to be because it is as much about letting the clients network with each other as it us simply showcasing our new software updates.

What was achieved was an environment where everybody felt empowered to share ideas about best practice in the industry and strive towards creating a forum for continuous improvement.

What’s more, it was also a chance for us to meet clients face to face to talk directly about what we do, our plans for the future and see if there’s anything we could do better and improve the services we provide.

People often pay lip service to things like collaboration and communication, but rarely commit fully to it. When you do, and put them to work operationally, they are very powerful concepts.