Crew Notices and Bulletins

Crew Notices and Bulletins


What is CrewNet™

CrewNet™ is an innovative yet simple to use crew notices and bulletins portal, designed to dramatically improve communication management and cut down the overhead of managing crew notices and bulletins.

CrewNet™ supports the entire process for notices and bulletins and is used by airlines to create, distribute, track and manage their “read and receipt”.

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How it works

  • Notices and bulletins are created within the CrewNet™ web interface or imported

  • CrewNet™ provides full workflow management, including authorisation and approval

  • Attachments can be in any format including video, images, voice, or hyperlink

  • Notices and bulletins are automatically distributed to the appropriate audience

  • Individual crew members are alerted to read mandatory notices and bulletins and must digitally acknowledge receipt

  • Real-time reports and dashboards highlight who has read and understood notices and bulletins

  • CrewNet™ ensures that all creation, audience control, approval and distribution is self-administered by the airline