Aviation Risk Management Solution



An advanced, change and aviation risk management solution that provides hazard identification and investigation. It integrates with SafetyNet® and QualityNet™ to provide a complete safety and compliance management solution.

RiskNet™ identifies hazards, quantifies risk, and records and manages mitigating actions on a full review cycle. It provides a full audit trail of risks and supports change management.

In combination with Vistair Intelligence, RiskNet™ data can be visualised using powerful and interactive dashboards. With its easy drag-and-drop functionality, Vistair Intelligence allows for easy management reporting and data graphics, giving every level of the organisation relevant and up-to-date information.

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How it works

  • A clean, elegant workflow. Risk scores are clearly visible and recorded in one place.

  • Ability to manage risk at all levels across an organisation

  • High volume and flexible risk assessments, ranging from major to minor business and operational change

  • RiskNet™ has a built-in project management functionality to implement cross-departmental change

  • Confidential risk assessments and effective feedback process

  • Vistair Intelligence provides dashboard and management reporting integration