October 2014

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  • EASA/EU-OPS manuals regulation changes

    EASA/EU-OPS manuals regulation changes
    28th Oct 2014
    Vistair has recently been tasked with completing a vast number of changes for its commercial airline clients as part of changes in regulation to EASA from EU-OPS. Not only does this involve technical solutions being found for the formatting of the manuals, but also requires significant review and change in content throughout each suite of Flight ops manuals.
  • Vistair's latest client survey

    Vistair's latest client survey
    15th Oct 2014
    Vistair’s latest client survey for its DocuNet document management service has highlighted extremely high levels of customer satisfaction across the board. Clients, including some of the world’s largest airlines, were quizzed on a range of topics about Vistair’s services, from communications and responsiveness to overall quality.
  • DocuNet Sunday Service

    DocuNet Sunday Service
    8th Oct 2014
    DocuNet - Vistair’s Document Services (Technical Publications) team is now available six days a week having introduced an extended hours service to cover Sundays. The extended hours, which provides cover for editing, technical changes and customer support, was originally introduced to deliver greater cover for the company’s clients in the Middle East where Sunday is viewed as a regular working day.

Showing Articles 1-3 of 3